Matt Barbagallo

Above Ground Winery co-owner and winemaker, Matt Barbagallo, is a Loudoun County native who ventured into winemaking under the guidance of his mentor and renowned vintner Doug Fabbioli who enlightened, instructed and encouraged him throughout the process. He began making wine in 2007 with a mail order wine kit – a very humbling process that inspired him to learn more about the craft. After attending classes with Linden Vineyards winemaker Jim Law, Barbagallo decided to forge ahead with becoming a winemaker, and progressed to making wine with local fruit juices and, later, with grapes to produce his first vintage of Chambourcin, Cabernet Franc and Merlot in 2009. Barbagallo continues his 25-year career in computer logistics and procurement management today; the methodical, calculated skills he has developed in his career assist him with the preciseness required of a winemaker.



Mary Beth Barbagallo

North Carolina born and New Orleans raised, Above Ground Winery co-owner, operations manager and tasting room designer and manager Mary Beth Barbagallo has a mixed background in operations auditing, customer service and wine hospitality. A certified professional home stager, Certified Tourism Ambassador and educated in Tasting Room Management and Design from the University of California at Davis, she constructed the Above Ground Winery tasting room to be comfortable and creative with a focus on customer service. Barbagallo served in the U.S. Government for 25 years and received hands-on winery operations and hospitality training through her tenure at two Loudoun County wineries.

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